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October 28, 2018

One of the most recent upcoming spots for tourist is the city of Dubai. As a tourist, this place will offer you all spheres of activities in top of the line facilities. A main attraction thee is adventure sports. This includes jet and sand skiing and desert safaris that have become quite popular among other activities. The city of Dubai offers a forty-nine miles coastline which offers a whole different variety of activities and excitements. To start with the beaches are pristine with some of the clean and clearest waters. You can enjoy some jet skiing or if you are a more chilled person you can enjoy a cruise on the Persian Gulf waters. The water around the city is always pleasant and fun of sailing. It is calm and less likely to cause any motion sickness to ruin the fun.

Cruising in a yacht
For the people with a bit more o spend you can upgrade your cruise to a yacht. There are many sizes of yachts that you can take a cruise on. You can hire these sea vessels for a short time or you can take them for the entire day. You can even hire them for a group get away. These cruises have cemented their spot in the best attractions of the city. Most tourist don’t leave Dubai until they have the chance to experience one of their cruises. A day time cruse shows the beauty of the city from off shore but to take a cruise at night reveals a different kind of beauty of the city. You can make your reservation or book a yacht from even before you leave your home for the destination.

It feels like time is standing still
A nice way to take a cruise is by hiring one of the local fishing boats called Dhows. These are handmade vessels that are perfect for taking you from one side of the Dire Creek to the other. This creek cuts through Dubai. You can book your cruise for a day trip or at night. The building is simply magnificent at nights viewing them as you sail past on whatever vessel. These cruises give you a feeling of luxury. It feels as if time is standing still when you are offshore looking in. Dubai is one of the best tourist destinations in the world and the activities and excitement confirms this to be true.